Real estate purchase

The Granat Group provides a wide range of services in the sphere of buying and selling real estate in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region: search for apartments in new buildings and on the secondhand market, commercial real estate properties selection, pre-sale preparation, property potential development, transactions legal support, real estate exploitation .

Consulting on pre-sale preparation / potential development

Competent pre-sale preparation helps to emphasize the advantages of real estate and increases the chances of a successful transaction. Experience shows that neat and clean properties with fresh, albeit “light”, facelift are sold much faster. The home staging cost is usually not large and on average is up to 1% of its selling price, while the property value may increase by 5-20% after repairs.

Transactions legal support

The Granat Group guarantees full legal support and security of the transaction, and undertakes also legal cooperation with all controlling bodies (administration bodies, housing inspection, housing and revenue services) after property acquisition.

Real estate exploitation

The Granat Group provides comprehensive management of properties with various functions. Our specialists solve the issues related to the replanning, verify and monitor the condition of the property (technical maintenance of the operability of engineering, gas, water, heat supply and sewage systems, and maintenance of cleanliness and order inside the serviced facility and in the adjacent territory), regulate relations with the management company.