In recent years we have observed the growth and development of the rental business in St. Petersburg. However, in order not only to save money, but also to generate a stable income, you need to spend a lot of time.

Many owners, because of their workload or because they live in another country / region, can not take care of their own property. In such cases, it is opportune and economically advantageous to transfer the property in fiduciary management to the company, which will take care of all matters relating to the management and operation of the structure: rent, payments check, payment of bills, communications with the condominium administration and much more.

Therefore, the investor receives income without having to manage and keep the asset. These issues are taken on by the professional management company, which allows the investor to make a profit without further involvement on his part.

The Granat group autonomously searches for the tenant and also offers 360 degrees management and maintenance services for various kind of properties. Our specialists monitor the conditions of the properties, represent the interests of the owner against the condominium, the insurance company and the regulatory authorities and solve legal and financial issues, too.