Income property

The main purpose of investments in the real estate sector is to receive income, which can be generated both by an increase in the value of the property as a result of capital gain, and by the revenue from its exploitation.

The Granat group offers the most profitable investment option: investments in income-generating properties in St. Petersburg.

The income-generating real estate in Russia has been popular since the time of the tsars, as evidenced by the huge amount of former income houses, preserved in the historical center of St. Petersburg.

Investing in income-generating properties is not only profitable, but also safe, since in all circumstances the investor remains the owner of the property. Currency and securities may depreciate, while bank investments are subject to inflation and crisis. The real estate sector, instead, remains steadily constant in price and practically immune to economic crises.

The Granat group offers a wide range of business solutions in the residential and commercial real estate sector both for individuals and for large institutional investors.